Friday, 21 October 2011

Module 8

Syndication made really simple!

RSS is a site where material from multiple other sites is made available under one site. The idea for this is brilliant, but it also has the potential to be disastrous as there is a lot of information that could be sent to one location. After joining ‘Google Reader’, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they organise these sites for you so that you are not drowned with new updates. This would definitely make it easier to keep up to date with recent blogs, podcasts, news feeds or upcoming events. It would also save time and sanity to view all of these updates without visiting each individual site.

This is probably completely irrelevant, but due to Google Reader’s update…I subscribed to YouTube and one of the updates mentioned a TED advertising challenge called ‘Ads Worth Spreading’. is the site where all of the winners are. From the red link up the top ‘viral hits’ has become my new obsession. Watch ONLY if you have some spare time available. On page 2 ‘piano stairs’, ‘extreme sheep LED’ and ‘T-mobile dance’ are highly recommended for a feel good factor.

Booyah, module 9 here I come!


  1. Glad to share our ICT and on-line knowledge!! How good was the Second Life. Can see it's value in searching the world without the airfare. Peta

  2. How good is this course Rowena. Glad to share our learning together. How good was the second life!!

  3. I agree Rowena. Lots of time can be wasted sifting through all that has now been made available to us. We need to have a clear vision of what we are after or it is past midnight and we are still playing. I am enjoying your posts -Well done!