Saturday, 19 November 2011

Module 10

To Wiki or Ning? That is the question!

Wikis…Nings…what is the difference…is there a difference? For this module, I decided to visit my colleagues’ meeting point to do this module altogether. After a 15 minute conversation on different examples we’ve seen and experienced, I think I know the difference.

The focus of a wiki is the topic. Random individuals join together to collate information on a topic. On the other hand, the focus of a ning is more on building community rather than building a reference site. Nings are a wonderful tool for teachers to let each other know some great resources or a collective place where expertise from around the world is abundant. Wikis may be used quite creatively in the classroom where groups of children are working on the one topic - adding as much information as they can to make a more detailed resource. I think both of these are versatile tools for students AND teachers.

How can Web 2.0 assist in improving learning outcomes for all students?
It has become very obvious that the world our students grow up in is very different to the world that we grew up in. We live in a society where information is available anytime, anywhere. Where everything is exciting, loud, colourful. Sound and engagement never stops. Yet, we expect them to learn in a quiet classroom with a pencil and a book? The tides are turning, where teachers are learning to use tools that can engage children in the classroom. Tools that help us differentiate the curriculum for them and enable them to use their own skills and talents that previously may not have been evident…thus making learning more meaningful, motivating, challenging, and enjoyable.

BOOM! One more of these babies to go!

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